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I empower entrepreneurs to feel confident about their marketing, and get them to fall in love with it, and their customers too!

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The Social Authority

Recommended for Social Media Managers

Content Connects. Let me show you how you can create a content plan that connects for one of your clients, no matter their industry.

R1500 or $350

The Market Authority

Recommended for Start-ups and businesses younger than 5 years

Differentiation Wins. Take the time now to establish a unique marketing strategy for your business that will set you apart.

R3500 or $500


Recommended for established or on-the-go business owners

Time is not on your side. Let us help you put a workable marketing plan together for your business or a content plan for social.

From R1000 or $300

Know your customer. Attract your customer.

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      Knowing Megan's level of expertise in marketing, and the way in which she mentors and really gets her teeth into the nitty gritty of one's business, it was a no-brainer for me to embark on her 12-week Marketing Programme.

      I was blown away. Firstly with how Megan is able to manoeuvre around the diversity of different businesses, but also how she imparts a piece of her own soul in the service she brings. Twelve weeks sounds like a long time, but it was incredible to bring each week's learning into my business on a tangible level.

      I have learnt that marketing is a crucial part of my ability to connect with valuable clientele, and it is imperative to keep my creativity, and trends around marketing, alive. Thank you, Megan, for opening this world to me. I can highly recommend you and your services. In fact, I wish I could have one of you on my professional shoulder.

      Tracy Loubser Transformation and Authenticity Coach

      I worked with Megan remotely to get a grip on my marketing plan. I needed to clarify my message and target audience, but I walked away with so much more.

      Megan helped me deconstruct my entire business' purpose, understanding my purpose for being in business and my unique selling proposition. From there, she helped me develop a marketing plan that not only positioned me as an expert but also helped my ideal customers find me.

      She is a true expert at what she does, and I hope this review is the final push you need to work with her and improve your business.

      Matthew Iyiola Content Writer

      It is with much enthusiasm that I recommend Megan Kronberger as an expert in her field and truly a professional businesswoman.

      I worked with Megan on a few occasions, and she never once disappointed me. Her professionalism and knowledge about her services are outstanding. Her level of creativity and positive energy when working with people is quite rare among business owners. Every client I referred to Megan, was blown away by her quality of service.

      Megan's wide range of intellect and passion for what she does is truly inspiring. She is a leader in his industry and always seems to be innovative.

      Bertus de Wet Business Coach

      I highly recommend Megan as a Marketing Mentor. She is passionate about helping small businesses get their marketing right and her passion comes across in her courses.

      I have been a small business owner for many years and after participating in Megan's 12-week program I found so much more clarity in my business, my goals, and how I portray my business to attract the clients that I want!

      I would highly recommend this experience to every and any small business owner, a truly remarkable investment that shows almost immediate returns! Megan is a true expert and a valuable asset to your business.

      Shelly Berger Bookkeeper

        My story


        I am a passionate Marketing Strategist and Mentor and have been in the business of Marketing since I was 12 years old (and I didn’t even know it). Because at a young age I never knew what I really wanted to do, but today I continue to do it and love it. It has also always inspired me to inspire and help others, and since starting my first business in 2017 after leaving Corporate Marketing after 15 years, my perfect recipe for success is educating and empowering my clients to get their Marketing right. I believe too many business owners get caught up in the operations of Marketing and never take ownership to reap the real benefits Marketing has to offer without having to spend loads of money. I believe your Marketing will set you apart from your competitors, not your business!

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