I help my clients find the
right customers, right!

I help my clients find the right customers, right!

I empower start-ups with Mi 12-steps to success so they can reset their business apart from their competitors and find the right customers.

Do any of these look or sound familiar?

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Online Mentoring

Mi Lifeline Learning Membership
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Mi Lifeline Learning Membership
R375 or $25 Monthly

What to expect:

Client Feedback

"It is with much enthusiasm that I recommend Megan Kronberger as an expert in her field and truly a professional businesswoman and marketing expert.I worked with Megan on a few occasions, and she never once disappointed me. Her professionalism and knowledge about marketing and developing a strategy is absolutely amazing."

Bertus de Wet
Bertus de Wet Business Coach

"You have made me look at my offerings in a different way and how to market them. I am forever grateful to you for this! Thank you for your advice, your dedication to my business and for always been on top of things. I will recommend you wherever I go, your services are invaluable and look foward to working with you!"

Heili van Weesel
Catering Edge

"We at Syntelo were looking to reinvent our brand and reposition ourselves to become more relevant and focused. Megan had the ability to efficiently do market research for us, completing a full competitor analysis, as well as the industry, and identify the best possible sweet spot to focus on."

Dale Holten
Syntelo Business Solutions

Megan can assist clients identify the key elements required for their website and SEO so I can help the client not only create an awesome website, but a website that works and delivers results. Megan is very professional in her approach and always ready to help, I also like her big picture thinking as she always see’s another or even better opportunity.

Charl du Plessis
Wired Web Services

Megan's story


A born leader and learner, Megan is inspired to help people. Megan meaning ‘pearl’, so somewhat rare but precious. From a young age Megan expressed her commitment to success by achieving a 12-year full attendance accolade on completing her final year at school. She also expressed her entrepreneurial skills from the young age of 7 when she started selling off her toys and later her families belongings they no longer needed (or perhaps advised otherwise by Megan). After completing school Megan went on to receive her Honours in Marketing before commencing the world of Corporate, where she worked in several different industries on some high-profile brands including B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Consumer), where her love for Marketing was acclaimed. Megan has found her greatest pleasure in the successes of others, as she claims her greatest moments in her business is when her clients have a break-through (and that they do!). With a love for long-distance running, spending time with her family and managing a successful business, Megan is deeply committed to doing the things that make her happy, and the people she engages with.

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