Old school marketing is cool

I had an epiphany this week, I just decided to classify myself as an ‘old school’ marketer! Then someone even asked me what is ‘old school’ marketing? I had a good chuckle.

Friendly Friday Videos

Friendly Friday was officially launched in August 2021 on Facebook Live interviewing Bertus De Wet as my first guest…

What is all the fuss about going LIVE?

We live in a world of technology, we wake up to it, we use it all day and we even go to bed with it! So more and businesses and business owners are also using it to stand out, differentiate and remain top of mind.

Is showing up on Facebook enough?

I get asked this question quite a bit, as Facebook seems to be a ‘safe place’ for many people, and I know exactly why. It’s where we hang out in our own time, where we connect with friends and families, and we are comfortable using it.

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