Content is all around us, just look for it

Content is all around us, all the time. But what is content?

Let’s start at the very beginning. To clarify, content is information presented with a purpose distributed to people in a form through a channel. But today we have multiple forms of content and channels to choose from, more than we have had before making it easier for us create content by just looking around us.

Let’s start with some of the forms of content

As mentioned above, there are several forms of content, so to make it easier I have also categorised them as written, audio, video, images and in person or online.

– Blogs
– Emails
– Press Releases
– E-Books 

– Podcasts

– Interviews
– Educational
– Presentations

– Graphics
– Photos 

– Networking events
– Presentations

Why is it important to understand what content is? 

We know content helps us establish our credibility and build brand awareness, but I know it is difficult to keep coming up with content on an ongoing basis, right?

But equipped with a better understanding what content is and what it consists of, it gives us the opportunity to capture more content moments that we can use to help us come up with content. 

Let’s look at a few examples to help you

Writing a blog: Next time you write a blog for your website, this is a great piece of information you can use to create a video, a live post or even article on LinkedIn to name a few.

Podcasts: Once you have created a podcast, although it is in the form of an audio file, you have something powerful if you have it scribed. Not only that…the podcast interview announcing the topic and who you speaking to alone is a piece of content and so you need to start thinking about every action and interaction as a piece of content to share.

Presentations: If you are a guest speaker to an event, both live or online, you create content to share based on the topic you were given (or came up with). So not only is the ‘event’ an opportunity for you to share you will be speaking at, the content you prepare is also a form of content that can be used after you have presented the content. We call that a double whammy!

Networking events: Again, announcing the fact you are attending an event or have attended an event is a form of content as well as the opportunity for you to take a pic and share an experience from the event is another way of using this as content. Even better yet if you can tag someone along the way.

And so, the options become endless, when you are aware of the different forms of content and how you can use these across the different channels in your every day actions.

On which channels should you share your content?

On which channels should you share your content is the next question. But the reality is, if you know where your target market is and what channels they consume, then you should be showing up on these channels. But having said, you also need to show up on your channels to continue to grow your online presence and credibility, so have a nice balance between the two. Whether you are showing up on your website and networking events to build your brand or showing up on social media platforms or email Marketing to build trust and credibility with your prospect market.

In closing, the purpose of this blog was to remind you, even though it can be a challenge to continuously come up with good engaging content, often we so into our business we don’t see great content opportunities happening around us all the time. So next time rather stop and ask yourself, is this a good content opportunity, and if it is, take advantage of it and share it!

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