Do we really need to be strategic with our marketing?

In this crazy world we live in today, it has become more and more important to connect with your customers as quickly as possible, as they filter through what we call ‘The content overload’. Brands that are not taking the time to differentiate, stand-out or connect are losing market share and it is now or never that brands need to start investing in strategic marketing to make their company more likable and in so doing, more profitable.

Why strategic marketing really matters?

What is the exact definition of strategy? Well according to Wikipedia, strategy involves setting goals and priorities, determining actions to achieve the goals, and mobilising resources to execute the actions. So, this would mean the same for a marketing strategy, set goals and priorities, determine the actions (target market and channels) to achieve these goals and mobilise or implement to execute the actions, and manage thereof.

Why would you have your marketing any other way, because if we had to explain marketing without strategy above by including the words ‘do not’, then this is what marketing without a strategy is: Do not set goals and priorities, do not determine the actions (target market and channels) to achieve these goals and do not mobilise and implement to execute the actions, and manage thereof. Quite scary right? And to be honest, how many organisations and businesses continue to put money behind this. What are they thinking? I do not know!

Where the market is headed

So, what we find happening more and more often in the tech, online world we live in today, everyone is starting to look and sound the same because they are all doing the same. So, the audience, or receiver, are also becoming even more specific as to what they want to take in, and now, how they want to absorb the content because there is just too much ‘of the same thing’ going on.

The best thing, if you are being strategic and spending time on your marketing and planning, then you have a fantastic opportunity to identify what not to do and spend your money doing something different, or not what everyone else is doing or again how they are doing it! It honestly is the best time now to position yourself differently and stand out.

Why it is so important to understand your audience?

So, if you are reading this blog and starting to see light bulbs or dollar signs, or as I do, see happy customers, the first question now to ask yourself is just this. Is your marketing strategic? And if you are not sure, then ask yourself a critical question that most organisations don’t bother to do that lack strategic focus – who is your audience and why do they need your product or service?

Because this question alone can establish what it is you do and how (and where) you offer your product or service to get to the market you wish to serve. If you could answer this question with ease, then good for you, you are 50% there to defining your marketing strategy and ahead of competitors who have yet to define this.

What will set you apart from your competitors?

Being strategic, as mentioned above, is one way to set yourself apart from your competitors, but as I tell my clients all the time, ‘marketing will set you apart from your competitors – not your business.’ Just briefly unpacking this what does it really mean, well the truth is everyone can do what you do but your marketing does not need to be. So that is why we do still (and always) need to be strategic with our marketing. By being strategic this allows us to identify opportunities, audiences, and act on them with a defined offering and message that will differentiate you from your competitors.

How can I help you?

With a virtual chief marketing officer (VCMO) by your side it makes it so much easier because I am here to help you put marketing back into your business to re-establish your business so that you can move forward with a clear marketing strategy (or roadmap) and plan. Because as I say, marketing will set you apart, not your business.

Feel free to register for a free online consult now, so I can help you identify where you may need help: or visit my website to learn more about the online services I have to offer, or how I can help you make your company more likeable, with marketing.

Let’s make your company more likeable.

Megan Kronberger
Owner of The Marketing Lifeline
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