How to manage your Marketing?

If you are a business owner, you need to manage your Marketing!  

Let’s talk about managing your Marketing, why, because if you are not managing your Marketing no one else is! The reason why this is such an important topic is there are so many small to medium sized companies out there that do Marketing, either themselves or they have an outsourced agency doing it for them! The problem with this statement is, if you are doing Marketing yourself, are you doing it correctly (or via google learning) or if you are using an outsourced agency, do they have sufficient knowledge of your business and are you getting the results you want?

We have listed 4 Tips below how you should be managing your Marketing:

Tip 1: The best way to manage your Marketing is to manage it yourself! That doesn’t mean you have to do it yourself; it just means you need to drive the advertising with your knowledge of Marketing to ensure your advertising is not only effective, but it gives you the results you actually want, or paying for!

Tip 2: Planning, this is another key to managing your Marketing! If you don’t have a Marketing plan, you are planning to fail. Not only is it important to understand what you need to do, but also when you need to do it and where. Even if your plan is only for 3 months, have a Marketing plan handy so you don’t make adhoc and ineffective marketing decisions.

Tip 3: Another way to manage your Marketing is to continually ask yourself, what you or the outsourced agency is doing, is it working? Don’t let months go by without you asking this question. It is essential that you measure your successes monthly, quarterly and annually and always keep an eye on your closest customer and competitor to see what they are up to and if you need to change or increase something you are doing.

Tip 4: If you are feeling overwhelmed or frustrated with your Marketing, then it is recommended that you have to get your head around your Marketing. Because if you are feeling overwhelmed or frustrated with your Marketing, you are going to move further and further away from it, which in turn will just land up costing you more money with little to no results. So best you do a short online course where you can understand what Marketing is and how you can improve your Marketing in your business. Don’t get caught off-guard, rather get ready to do it yourself or outsource it!

Often, we see companies wasting money on Marketing with inappropriate messaging and ineffective results. Marketing is meant to make you money, not lose you money! So rather invest in your Marketing and invest in your business. The Marketing Lifeline help SME’s change their Marketing mindset so they can also enjoy the very benefits great Marketing has to offer, without feeling frustrated or overwhelmed. The Marketing Lifeline offers a 12-week online programme and several online webinars for you to further your knowledge and understanding of Marketing. We like to think of taking the pain out of Marketing and putting back the FUN in the fundamentals of Marketing. If you would like to chat or have a question for us, get in touch with us at  or visit our website at

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