How to Market effectively on Social Media?

I hear this question all the time! How must, or how can I market effectively on social media?

Well, my first question is should you even be showing up on social media?

If you say yes because everyone else does, or perhaps your answer is I am not even sure…then STOP right now.

Social media can and only will be effective with an intention…and an intention means you need an objective with a plan. Because posting for the sake of posting is not adding any benefit to yourself or your customers for that matter. 

So, sorry to all those social media junkies out there, no social media miracle plan or template will help you ‘get your social media marketing right’! In fact, nothing will help you without doing the following 6 Steps to help you establish a powerful social media plan that gets results!

Now let’s take a moment and look at these 6 Steps:

Step 1. Who is your audience? Who are you taking to and what do they look like? 

Step 2. What problem do you solve? How can you help them and what is in it for the customer? 

Step 3. Does your message capture point 2 that talks to point 1? We are always very eager to tell the world about what we do and how good we can do it, but I just want to remind you, nobody cares!

You are halfway there now…

Step 4. Now you need to identify where your audience is at and if it is social media that you even want to continue with…be great on one channel versus being average on several.

Step 5. What is your objective or big-ticket offer?

Step 6. Now prepare a plan to allow you to be prepared, show up with intent and most of all allow yourself to be consistent and clear.

Only now are you ready to consider posting on social media if this is even the right channel for your target audience.

Social media is by no means a silver bullet, magic maker or even creator if you are not going to invest in Steps 1 to 6 first, because then all your social media efforts to date or going forward are going to be a waste of your time and money. 

Do you have time or money to waste? Or do you want to grow engagement, get qualified leads, and make more money?

Hell yes…so STOP, RESET AND THEN GO again only when you are ready.

If you need help in developing your Marketing or Social Media Strategy let me help you succeed with Mi 12 Steps to success.

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