The Consistent Leader

R375.00 / month

The Consistent Leader is shaped through continuous learning and improved actions through our monthly membership programme called Mi Lifeline Learning. It helps you consistently build your business through Marketing Intelligence, so you can take back the ownership.


What to Expect

  • We meet online once a week for 1-hour on a Wednesday at 10am (SAST)
  • It is a group session of business owners, led by a Marketing expert
  • Each week we will discuss a specific topic with one key learning
  • Every second week we do a ‘DIY’ session where you will do it yourself and report back in the session
  • We also dedicate one week to an open discussion where we talk about general Marketing struggles
  • Led by a Marketing expert, your accountability partner, I share with you best practices, key learnings, and latest trends
  • There is a group forum for you to engage with other members as well as to ask questions
  • Monthly fee of R375 or $25
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