Old school marketing is cool

I had an epiphany this week, I just decided to classify myself as an ‘old school’ marketer! Then someone even asked me what is ‘old school’ marketing? I had a good chuckle. And then you may also be thinking why I decided on this, because old school isn’t so cool. Well to be honest, I believe old school marketing is cool and I am going to unpack that for you below.

The reasons why I believe old school marketing is cool

Post covid: Oh my gosh, everyone became an expert, and a marketing one!! Now we must sort through the junkies as I call them to find the gems. But at least I can spot the junkies a mile away, but sadly not everyone can, and so they must pay the price.

Silver bullets included: Ok, if you offer magic marketing that offers a template that you can plug and play, I have never believed in Unicorns unfortunately or I was born too soon, so no I am not going to believe in any fancy marketing magic.

10x your business: I do like this one, and I have honestly seen it work, but don’t let them fool you that they can 10x your business…because it is going to take a whole lot of different elements starting with yourself, your business, your marketing, your offering, your staff….and so the list goes on. So, like I say, I have seen this in play, but one sole alone cannot give this to you on a platter!

Fragmented messaging: Bleep, this is the one that really gets to me and more so for my clients. Because honestly clients trust us to help them because we are the experts and then we do them a disfavour and do not delivery on not only one, but any of our promises. So, they have a vision in mind, ok without a solid strategy, and then some expert comes along and says I will help you, and then another and another and before the client knows he has more than one service provider doing his marketing, but guess what, all with a different ‘plan’ or message. And no, I am not necessarily going to point the blame at the client here for not setting out a plan, because the expert should know better and ask the right questions like, what is your plan?

Competitor-titis: Ok, the last of my rants, because when I get going, I go…this is a term a business coach used, and I can so relate so I continue to use it. But I am not sure why we all have a nervous twitch, ok I do, but why we always whisking through social, checking out what someone else is saying or doing and then thinking ‘that is a good idea’ and then find yourself the next day putting an entire new offering together, for what?? Yes, this is called ‘competitor-titis’ where people are paying far too much attention on their competitors and not their customers.

So, what is old school marketing, really?

Well simply put as I put it the other day, it is made up of 3 very key aspects, in summary.

  1. Expert experience: You have worked in a marketing position and have actual marketing experience (both traditional and digital) with a holistic perspective, which does make us a bit older, but wiser too😊
  2. Tried and tested: This is an important one, because marketing originates back to the 50’s, and yes, they have tried and tested a number of different things, but till today the key marketing principles are the foundation of every successful brand out there. Do you know what these principles are? If not get in touch with and I will share them with you. So, it is not about re-inventing the wheel our sounding smarter than your competitor, just do what works, over and over again. Which leads onto the next point.
  3. Consistency: This is one word I do concur with, with most ‘marketers’ when being used today, because consistency is the basis for all successful marketing. So yes, I know we now live in a world of ‘instant-gratification’ and everyone wants everything now. But as the saying goes, trust is built with consistency, no silver bullets, pink unicorns or empty promises. So, define what it is you want to do and just keep doing it.

What makes old school marketing so cool?

On a good day I struggle to maintain my level of concentration with the number of different sales messages I get, that it feels like it has become a shopping list of choices, and today has a different pick of the day from yesterday or tomorrow. Where I say, go with the key marketing principles to build your framework, stick to your gut and do not get distracted, show up with intention and clarity and do it consistently and you will win (just remember to measure). So, in summary, I have come up with this acronym to explain why I think old-school marketing is cool: Consistency Over Others = LOVE! Get your customers to fall in love with you and your business.

How can I help you?

With a marketing mentor or guide by your side it makes it so much easier, so I am here to help my clients put marketing back in their business to re-establish themselves so they can move forward in their business with a clear marketing strategy. Because as I say, marketing will set you apart, not your business.

Join our free weekly sessions at Mi Lifeline Learning to learn all things marketing or visit our website to see what online programs we have to offer you to create the business of your dreams.

Know your customer – Attract your customer.

Megan Kronberger
Owner of The Marketing Lifeline
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