What is it to own your Marketing?

It has been suggested to have a successful business, not only should you be a successful business owner, but you should be a successful Marketing owner too.

But what is a Marketing owner? A Marketing owner simply means to both own and understand your Marketing and know what your strategy is that requires implementation for success.

So often business owners think that they can simply ‘outsource’ their Marketing ownership, but this is not the case. It is still your prerogative as a business owner to take control of your Marketing, and understand what Marketing is (internal link to other blog please) and then make the informed decisions to get your Marketing right for success.

Marketing Ownership:

  • A strategic approach
  • Conduct research to gain an understanding of your market as well as the competitors
  • Identify your target audience as well as your ideal customers
  • Understand what problems your product or service solves
  • Identify a Unique Value Proposition
  • Know the difference between feature and benefit driven messages
  • Know your product offering by audience
  • Identify a pricing strategy
  • Set objectives
  • Know what your promotional plan is and how much you are going to spend on your Marketing
  • Understand what Marketing works and what Marketing doesn’t work  

Marketing Operation:

  • A tactical approach
  • The day-to-day to do list
  • Managing your website and analytics
  • Managing your social media pages
  • Preparing content for your social media pages
  • Writing blogs or content creation
  • Creating graphics or marketing material
  • Creating videos to use in your Marketing
  • Preparing presentations
  • Setting up campaigns
  • Managing campaigns
  • Reporting on campaigns
  • Tracking leads
  • Driving sales
  • Managing spend

From the above, you can see there is a distinct difference between Marketing ownership and Marketing operation. If you are a business owner and you find yourself to be in the Marketing ownership box only, that is great, but often most business owners work in the Marketing operation box only and they don’t take the time to work on the Marketing ownership elements.

If this is the case, it is highly recommended that all business owners stop what they are doing, because it is most likely you are of the statistics that are just doing Marketing for the sake of it, but with no clear strategy and objectives, and therefore with no real results. It is critical for your business success that you take ownership of your Marketing first, and only once you have created your own Marketing strategy with clear objectives and a purpose, can you move onto your Marketing operation (if you do not outsource this) to succeed. But if you are not sure how you can become a Marketing owner, The Marketing Lifeline helps business owners change their Marketing mindset from that of an operational one to an ownership one. The Marketing Lifeline offers a 12-week online Marketing programme and Mi Lifeline Learning Membership for you to further your knowledge and understanding of Marketing and how to take ownership of it.

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