What is Marketing?

Seems like a simple answer right, as the Oxford dictionary defines Marketing as the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

I have a slightly different take on Marketing. I believe Marketing is the process a business takes to identify their business offering, the target market and media for them to execute successful sales and advertising. Sales and advertising cannot exist in isolation to Marketing and sales and advertising would be a waste of time and money without defining Marketing first.

This is the reason why so many SME’s get caught up in the same Marketing mindset that Marketing does not work, or it costs too much money! Why do I say this? Because SME’s identify they want to grow their business, so they start ‘Marketing’ their business, which often starts with a static brochure website, and then lots of me-too Facebook and email advertising. Which in return, will not deliver growth for your business which would have cost you money, and so this negative Marketing mindset sets in.

But this should not be the case, fact, Marketing does cost you money – but fact, it will make you money too if it is done correctly. That is why so many SME’s go wrong as they do not take the time to get the ‘correctly’ right! Instead, they jump into, often blind-folded, and expect their acts of advertising to deliver leads and new business.

For Marketing to be successful it takes time to rather grasp the very key advantages that will set you and your business apart from the rest of the market, and it is the right advertising you deliver to the right person, at the right time and place with the right message that will drive leads and new business.

hift your Marketing mindset and to be successful with your Marketing, take the time to understand Marketing and develop something amazing that no one else has, and then equip yourself with the right tools and marketing material to advertise it and tell the world about it. Don’t allow Marketing to make you feel incompetent, don’t let it make you feel overwhelmed, but rather use it to your very own advantage and allow it to set you apart from your competitor! Get to know your Marketing before your competitor does. The Marketing Lifeline help SME’s shift their Marketing mindset for success so you too can do the things in life that you want to do. The Marketing Lifeline offers a 12-week online program and several online webinars for you to further your knowledge and understanding of Marketing. We like to think of taking the pain out of Marketing and putting back the FUN in the fundamentals of Marketing. If you would like to chat or have a question for us, get in touch with us at help@themarketinglifeline.com

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